Emma and Blue!

We decided something was missing at the house - the pitter patter of little paws. The freshly mopped floor stayed clean far too long. The floor wasn't littered with half chewed rawhide or squeak toys so walking through the house in the dark lacked an adventurous element. So we signed up to be adoptive parents and after many exhausting interviews, we were chosen by Emma and Blue to be their new family. We have since been re-introduced to the joys of walking in the driving rain, doggie kisses, and wet noses first thing in the morning.

pups001 pups002 pups004 pups005 pups007

Blue's favorite

Emma and Blue
hanging out

Emma says,
"I'm ready for
my closeup!"


"Look at me!"

pups009 pups010 pups011 pups012 pups015

Emma and Blue
love their new
back yard!

"Come on, Blue.
Let's play!"

" Is it dinner
time yet?"

Dust Bunny checks
out her new

She doesn't seem
too sure about


Emma snoozes in
the kitchen.

We adopted Emma and Blue through the Carolina Border Collie Rescue organization. We have had them for a year and a half now, so it looks like they've decided to keep us.

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