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"Military power wins battles, but spiritual power wins wars." - General George Catlett Marshall

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Thu May 25, 2006 00:09:51
Sue Schneider

suezq26 susans8497
Dad Heubusch,

I think for all the time you spend in the hospital, the Heubusch women should buy you a Monogramed Jaquard Print Silk Robe...these beautiful robes are worn by the rich and famous such Hue Hefner, and are very comfy. You might as well be styling and in silk too!!! You deserve the best!! As described by the catelog (Tall, dark and handsome. Kick back and chill in our classy black loungewear featuring a tone-on-tone monogram pattern and matching piping. Jacquard weave.)

In all seriousness, thinking of you - and hoping for high white blood cell counts. THRASH BE GONE!


Wed May 24, 2006 15:31:36
Lucille Sherlick - A first cousin o
The big sky country of Buffalo

Hey Cuz, you are doing great! I love the bald look! Bald men have always had a special place in my heart. It's great to hear that the cancer is shrinking. I like the wicked Witch visuals. Also imagine all that great air entering your lungs as the cancer exits via the woman on the broom. Perhaps a pair of ruby slippers are in order? Hmmmmmm. Looks like the troops are keeping you in line and all of you well supported. Can't wait to hear more good news!
Love, Lucille
Wed May 24, 2006 15:05:57
West (By Gawd) Virginia

You continue to be in our prayers. NOTE: West Virginia has succeeded and is the newest country on the NA continent.
Wed May 24, 2006 12:55:38
Sally & Pete Gauthier

Chuck, you are in out thoughts and hope all goes well. Having been through this, if there is anything we can do to help (moral support or someone to share notes with), just let us know. We're thinking of you and the family and wish you all well. Sally & Pete
Tue May 23, 2006 22:13:03
tom baldy

Chuck- Brian gave me the word. Hang in there guy. My love to you and Mary Ann.


Been huntin'any bear lately?

*(Phone number removed by Webmasters to preserve the message author's privacy. We've made sure that Chuck has the number.)
Tue May 23, 2006 20:14:54
Tom and Diane O'Hara


We have been checking in on you almost daily and are glad to hear all is going well, albeit your rebound trip to the hospital. Our thoughts and prayers are still with you and if you or Mary Ann needs help in any way, please let us know. Maybe Tom will be available this time if needed.

Tom and Diane
Tue May 23, 2006 15:24:31
Polly Anna Randol
Chuck - Just a note to let you know you're in my thoughts and prayers. All the best to you and yours. Keep up the fight. And thanks to your family for keeping up the web site.

Polly Anna Randol (a.k.a. P.A. Bethea)
Tue May 23, 2006 12:32:30
Stan & Barbara Voyiaziakis

Cheer up Chuck!
Chuck, Just want to say you are in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy...SPEEDY! we say!...recovery. Tell all those red and white cells to do their job so you can get home and do your "job" of being Husband, Father and anything else you want to do. May the Good Lord's blessings be with you always. Keep fighting! Love you.. Stan and Barbara Voyiaziakis.

Mary Ann, If you need a break from driving anywhere, let me know...Barbara V*

When Chuck is done with all of the treatments, you need to be spoiled at our bed and breakfast in the Shenandoah Valley. Let us know when you can come...very peaceful retreat.

*(Phone number removed by Webmasters to preserve the message author's privacy. We've made sure that Mary-Ann has the number.)
Tue May 23, 2006 10:02:47
Wayne Herr

Hi Chuck
I have been following your progress and keeping you in my thoughts, Eileen is in NYC helping Leanne pack, they are moving on the 25th. I will be driving there on the 24th to help them move. But we will be checking on your site each day from Leanne's. Take care and remenber you are special to our family.
Mon May 22, 2006 20:00:04
Brian & Sharon

Dear Chuck, MA et alia,

Wonderful to continue to learn of Chuck's progress thru this great website. We're proud to observe how strong you all are thru this arduous process, and encouraged how Chuck is soldiering and progressing. Keep on truckin' and we'll keep on rooting and praying for you. Love to you all.

Brian & Sharon

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