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"Military power wins battles, but spiritual power wins wars." - General George Catlett Marshall

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Thu May 18, 2006 19:17:37
Diane and Mike Harlan

Chuck, Maryann, Krista, Steve, Paula and Lou ~~ We felt so happy today when we read about such great progress. All the prayers are working!! We will be so glad to be closer soon to provide whatever help we can. You are all held close in our hearts every minute of every day. Lots of Love, Diane & Mike
Wed May 17, 2006 17:50:56
Alma & Chase Maglin

Chuck, We are so happy that your treatment is going so well. Just remember that if you or Mary-Ann need anything we are right here.
You are always on our mind and we will continue to pray for you.
Your web site is a great idea and very well done. We check it several times a day.

Mary-Ann, the care taker is often over looked and we want you to know that you are also in our prayers.


Wed May 17, 2006 15:55:53
Cathy and Wayne Cox

GREAT NEWS that you are home!!! We are still praying for great results from the SCAN and that good news keeps coming daily. God is good -- his grace is sufficient!!
Hang in there!!
Cheers, Cathy and Wayne Cox
Wed May 17, 2006 12:48:52
Donna & Jim Davis
Fairfax Station, VA USA

Chuck and family,
Well, who would have known how good you could look w/the new hair(less)do!? Enjoyed the pix, what a great websight, Krista, Steve, & Paula!. Great to see Lou --- HI!Belated happy birthday to Krista. Glad to hear round 2 is over. "Just" 4 more to go? We're praying for MELTING also. Christen and family move by the end of this month, then we'll see how long it takes to get my head clear!!
Love & many hugs,
Donna and Jim
Wed May 17, 2006 12:15:17
Carol & Robert Smith

So glad to hear that Round #2 is behind you. It's hitting 100 in Tucson so we are all hovered around the AC vents. If you lived out here, there would be no need to mow, I just move the rocks around, occasionnally finding a tarantula. I scared him just as much as he scared me. You and Mary Ann are in our prayers to keep positive and your strengths up. Tucson, it's a dry heat!
Tue May 16, 2006 23:58:58
jay and mary lou swander

Chuck and Mary Ann..fınally got to a computer lınk that allowed us to catch up wıth Updates...Hart and Dottıe helped keep us ınformed. In Istanbul for one more day, goıng on cruise of Bosporus (sp?) and off to mılıtary museum...then off to Athens in the mornıng...wıll gıve a bıg howdy for MA. Had a great tıme ın the Grand Bazaar and Spıce Market yesterday. Wıll check ın from Greece...and hope you wıll be free from hospıtal.....Cheers . Jay and ML
Tue May 16, 2006 15:18:36
Richard & Maureen AVENS
Berk....Shire! United Kingdom

Just been chatting to Mike! What a great website? So very pleased to see how well you are looking and reading your positive comments. Will certainly be visiting the site regularly for an update on your progress.
Our thoughts are with you and Mary Ann.
Kind regards,
'Spotted Dick'n 'Maureeeen'
Tue May 16, 2006 00:59:02
Hart & Dottie Guenther

Chuch & Mary Ann:
We have been with kids and grandkids again at the Tulip Festival at Holland, MI, and wanted you to know we are praying for full recovery. Passed your latest info to Jay & ML on the high seas as they could get to the web site. Cheers Hj &.T
Mon May 15, 2006 20:46:37
Tom amd Diane O'Hara


Wouldn't you know it -- the first time Mary Ann asked me for a little bit of help, I was out of town. Sorry about that. I'm still available; however, any time you or she needs me. I did have a slightly profitable trip to AC, the first one. When you feel better, maybe we can spend a couple of days up there and enjoy the food, shows and sights. Also,if you are ready for a big trip, we can head to LV for a longer stay. Diane wishes you her best too.

Out best wishes and prayers,

Tom and Diane
Mon May 15, 2006 12:39:30
Margo Shaffer

If lots of love, hugs, prayers, and good, positive, and strong thoughts sent to you telepathically from all your family and friends - is any help to you, you will be returned to good health soon. We are sending you all of the above, on a daily basis! Thank you, wonderful Huebusch cousins, for the website! All our love and hugs, Ed, Margo, and Lindsey (Max too!)

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