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"Military power wins battles, but spiritual power wins wars." - General George Catlett Marshall

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Thu Apr 27, 2006 09:57:53
Felice and Nick Keck
Cal - e - four - nye - a

Chuck, know that we in the distant west are thinking of you and send love and affection and best wishes for a successful fight. Felice's successful experience lets us know that it can be done. You've been a fighter your whole life so we know this is just one more battle that you'll win.

Hugs around the house there from us here.

Look forward to seeing you in person at the CounterAttack in the UK in 2008.
Thu Apr 27, 2006 08:58:28
Ed and Jean Johnson

Hello Chuck, Just a note, thinking of you this morning here at Lake Conroe, Texas, and wish we could do more to help you get ready for guardmount. You were remembered this past weekend at our annual mid-year AF Security Police Association meeting in San Marcos. I still treasure the note I received from you at my retirement 25 years ago. Take good care of yourself, we wish you continued improvement. Our prayers will reach you through the strata. We'll be in touch as you fight this. Been there and done that one, so that makes us soulmates! Defensor Fortis! Sending our best to you....

Ed (and Jean) Johnson, Willis, Texas.
Thu Apr 27, 2006 08:40:38
Bob King

Long time no see, but never out of my minds eye. This too will pass, keep your mind on the mission. Get well. My pray is with you and your family. Sincerely, Bob King 1041.
Thu Apr 27, 2006 07:57:56
Claude and Dorothy Jones

Hi Chuck, Mary Ann and Family. It's so great to hear of your improvement. We've been thinking of you and our prayers go with you.....but having known you all these years we know you're a fighter and will whip this can you not....what with the good hospital, your great family, and the almighty's care. Hang in there, we're pulling for you.
Thu Apr 27, 2006 01:32:41
Lars & Lanna Vedvick
Pacific Northwest

The pics are look only slightly older than in the pic I sent last week of us as 2nd balloons when we were at Lackland in the OBR course (August 1964). Seems like yesterday!! All our best.
Thu Apr 27, 2006 01:05:24
Joe Barth

Glad you escaped before you starved to death.
My question is: "Was the hospital food worse than the ham and egg C Ration?"
Wed Apr 26, 2006 23:07:08
Willie and Barbara McNeil

Chuck we wish you the best for a speedy recovery. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Wed Apr 26, 2006 20:43:36
Jay & Mary Lou Swander

Chuck and Family: This is the coolest website, and must say the pics are great also. Don't know about "pudding" , but the orange jello I recently enjoyed after my latest gall bladder surgery could probably be used as a foundation for a building, ha! What's the chance of getting some chianti flavoring...have to start practicing for our trip to Italy. Thanks Krista and Steve for the site, and MA and Krista for "tough nursing skills". Will check in later...Hugs around, love ya..Jay and ML
Wed Apr 26, 2006 16:40:20
Brian & Sharon

Dear Chuck, Mary-Ann, Krista and Steve,
We congratulate you on your rallying spirit and your superb web site idea! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all for a swift and full recovery. We've never known anything to keep that good man down and don't imagine this will either. Our love to you all. Brian & Sharon
Wed Apr 26, 2006 15:44:52
Joe and Shirley Uhlenkamp

Chuck We are thinking about you and praying for you. Hope you have a fast recovery. Hope to see you at Red Guran's house in Sept. Joe is on the way to the post office right now with an envelope with all the pages from the book I made for Mrs. Wise. Hope you enjoy reading it all. take it easy and don't try to do too much. Joe and Shirley Uhlenkamp

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